Tech & RnD Exposition, IIT Bombay

The Tech & RnD Expo, IIT Bombay, is organized by the Institute Technical Council in collaboration with the Academic Council. The expo provides a platform for the technical bodies of the institute to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. Other freshmen technical projects (ITSP) and research (SURP) work done by the students, predominantly in their summers, are also showcased in this expo. Being an esteemed and veteran tech team of the institute, UMIC displays it’s innovative projects every year at this expo. It’s been our pleasure to explain our work to professors and other students of IIT Bombay. Other guests include esteemed entities like Mr. Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India. We share the vision of our team with all those who visit us, hence motivating students to take part in the plethora of technical activities that the institute has to offer and contributing to the technical sphere of IIT Bombay.

Aerial Robotics Workshop

In collaboration with Aeromodelling Club, IIT Bombay, UMIC organized an Aerial Robotics workshop. It was attended by 100+ students from various departments. Attendees were exposed to various concepts related to robotics and motion planning over a period of 3 weeks. It started with an introduction to the mechanics of flight and the design of quadrotor flying robots. Eventually, students were able to develop dynamic models, derive PID based controllers, and synthesize planners for operating in three-dimensional environments and implement it using MATLAB simulation. This workshop laid the foundation for control theory. Students were evaluated based on various assignments and eligible students were certified for completing the workshop.

- May 2020

Techconnect -Techfest International Exhibitions

Techconnect is an International Exhibition part of Techfest- IIT Bombay, Asia’s largest science and technology festival. The event has been showcasing cutting edge technologies and innovations from all around the globe with the aim of helping bright minds broaden their vision, develop a scientific temperament and update them with the latest technologies since its inception in 2004. We at UMIC have showcased our work at these exhibitions many times in the past. Sharing our vision with others and explaining the motivation behind making things autonomous. We’ve also presented our previous achievements as they’ve contributed in many ways to bring us to the stage where we are now. In the past years, it has grown into a major technological event, visited by students, academicians and corporates. The enthusiasm of the students to get to know about our projects has increased our motivation in presenting our work at Techconnect more enthusiastically each year! We’ve also received new ideas and questions regarding our projects which made us rethink and explore modernistic areas in the same field.

Summer Induction 2018

Summer induction programme was a technical lecture series conducted by members of UMIC for the students of IIT Bombay in summers of 2018. This lecture series which spanned over a week was attended by 150+ students. Covering topics right from mechatronics to computer vision, this series aimed at developing technical intuition among attendees in all major fields of robotics and automation. Starting with mechatronics, the basic questions like “How to build a robot?”, “What all things should I keep in mind while building a bot?”, “What are the basic design techniques?”, “What are the basic accessible manufacturing techniques? ” were answered in this lecture. Following lecture on electrical components and circuit design built on this basic mechanical design and taught what components are needed to run these machines and how to integrate them with the mechanical skeleton.

- Summer of 2018

Ted Talk JPMC

In June 2018, Atharva Jaipurkar, Sumanth Kandala and Ritesh Goru from the Unmesh Mashruwala Innovation Cell (UMIC) represented IIT Bombay at the Milennovation TED Talks event organized as a part of the “Spirit of Innovation Week” at J.P. Morgan Chase, India. The event was live-streamed at J.P. Morgan Chase offices nationwide and was attended by over 2000+ employees. As a part of this event, our team members shared the wonderful advances in technology achieved by young engineers, including the innovative projects of UMIC particularly in the field of autonomous robots. Furthermore, they presented the driverless car technology of SeDriCa - a fully autonomous car for the Indian road conditions and the autonomous drones designed by team AeRoVe to perform surveillance and disaster relief tasks in both indoor and outdoor environments.

- June 2018