Techfest International Robowars 2017

We participated in the 120lbs(55 kg) category for this competition. This particular bot was built with robustness as our prime focus. This fact is reflected in the custom-designed hybrid aluminium and mild steel chassis which was made to balance the weight and toughness of the bot. Equipped with superior defence, the weapon of choice in this bot was a rotating drum having an advancing flight to attack the opponents. This rotating drum weighed around 35kgs and rotated at around 3000RPM. Inertia developed by this drum is enough to obliterate literally anything in its way! A novelty in this bot design was its bi-symmetrical design, which meant toppling won’t have any effect on this bot. Another novelty involved with the design was its minimal ground clearance which meant opponents with wedges as their weapon couldn’t get under our bot to jam us in any way. The major challenge in this build was to protect the electrical connections, circuit components and batteries from external impacts. This bot was remotely controlled and a mesh of aluminium insides used to restrict play in electrical components and sustain any external impact or shock experienced by the bot. As the name suggests, indeed it was a ‘BEAST’ in its entirety, with sturdy insides, equipped with a lethal weapon plus a superior defence.

DRDO DRUSE Program 2018

The aim of DRUSE 2018 was to create a platform for the development of futuristic defence systems. The participants were UG and PG from engineering backgrounds all over India. We participated with two different teams working on two different project ideas.

For the first one, we carried out the ideation and development of Military Grade Unmanned Surveillance Drone with mobility over water, land and air, where a differential drive mechanism was combined with Paddle Wheels for maneuvering over land and water with a multi rotor configuration to perform aerial maneuvers. Along with this an implementation of noise cancellation techniques for reducing the noise of multirotor for stealthy missions.

Along with this, the idea of an Autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle (AATV) for Armed forces was proposed to DRDO, where the AATV was designed to carry a payload of 200kg while following a human soldier and move on audio commands for unmanned scouting and surveillance for dangerous tasks such as mine detection before the entry of human soldiers. These tasks can be carried out by target detection and tracking using computer vision and path planning algorithms for smooth movement. Both these projects were presented to a 7 member expert panel from DRDO

International Robotics Competition

The task demanded two bots, one remote-controlled and another autonomous with coordination between them. The remote-control bot was expected to carry out the tasks of box picking, holding and placing, climbing on inclined ramps, and shooting a dart at the target while the autonomous bot had to find the path in a line maze avoiding certain nodes, pick up, hold and place boxes and be able to recognize logos and directions using a camera. The problem statement was to pick and place 3 boxes on the arena at their marked destination squares, solving a line maze avoiding all black nodes, detecting directions and logos automatically and throwing a dart at a board all under 6 minutes. Our freshmen team managed to build both of these bots under a period of 3 months and participated in the competition held at Techfest-17